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 Campaign Option #2 


 4 to 12 Week Spotify Playlist Campaigns
( Timeframe depends on how many playlists you choose ) 

"...recently I tried Web 'n Retail's primary Spotify campaign and once that ended, became their willing "guinea pig" for a new Spotify option they were testing (placement on Collaborative playlists).  As a result I've had 6 months of continually impressive Spotify results at really reasonable rates. After working with many other firms in the past, I'm so grateful to have a firm I can truly count on for results."

                                                                                                                                                                             - Eileen Carey, Recording Artist


100% Real Playlists

100% Real Streams

100% Real Followers

100% Transparent Reporting


Question?  Do you know how you can increase your Spotify Popularity Index score on Spotify?  Your PIS influences how many listeners Spotify will recommend your music to.  Answer:  Gain an overall  increase in the number of playlists that your track is on.  This campaign is specifically designed to increase the total number of playlists for your track.  This is a major strategic growth hack that you can use to increase your leverage on Spotify.  

Pick a package.  Each package guarantees placement of  one track on 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 individual playlists. (These are "collaborative" playlists with less than 5,000 followers each).  Web ‘n Retail will place your track on Spotify Independent Collaborative Playlists.

Placement on the playlists is just the beginning.  You can anticipate that many listeners will then add your track to their own playlists and perhaps follow you – thus your music will reach even more listeners.


       No Track(s) Approval Required

         Campaigns Run 4 - 12 Weeks (Dependent On Number of Playlists Ordered)

  *Guaranteed to Deliver The Number of Playlists Ordered

Placements on pre-selected (by Client) number of Collaborative Placements

100% Organic and Legit Service

Detailed Monthly Reports

Weekly Updates on New Adds

Personalized Services 

Client can opt to include the Post-Placement Marketing services (36 Collaborative playlist placements, 36 Manual playlist submissions, 2 eblasts to independent and Spotify Curators and Weekly BtoC social media posts on our Twitter and FB pages (10,000 combined followers) for an additional fee




We guarantee your track will be added to the number of playlists for the campaign you order.   If we do not meet that number by the end of the campaign duration, we will continue working until we do.

TO PURCHASE VIA CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL:  Click  below on "BUY NOW" and insert the service level (# of playlists) you are buying + the price.  Once your payment is received you will receive an email (sent to your paypal email address) with further instructions.

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Get No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more

To purchase with all other types of payment methods, click here

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