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"Thanks!  great work by you and your team.   Streams and listeners have increased significantly and growing."
-  Bryan Lubeck, Artist

""You certainly did deliver on these and I am beyond excited for what's to come in our future endeavors. The reports every week were consistent with the overall goals for the song."
- Roc Writah, Artist and Owner/Creative Director of Writah's Touch, LLC


We just broke 20k monthly Spotify listeners!  And the new track Cosmic Reaction already has almost 20,000 streams!  This is awesome!"  
-  Micha Plissner, Producer - PIERA

"I was VERY excited to see that we just hit and surpassed 10,000 monthly listeners!   You and your team are doing a great job, and I really appreciate the work y'all continue to put into my project.  Looking forward to the new single "I'm Going".

-  Brandon Alan, Artist


“Hey, has been a pleasure to re-connect and do some business after all of these years. You are the rock-steady personality in an otherwise unstable business. I appreciate all that you do and the effort on behalf of the artists.”
-  BJ Loberman, Unfinished Business Management


“I like to say that the business is filled with liars, cheats and thieves – and then there are the bad people. You’re one of the rare good ones. You are professional and responsible and you do what you say you will do. Just wanted to tell you. Now go hit a homerun with our “Falling” song!”

-  Robert Miller, Project Grand Slam


“It was our pleasure to work with you....we appreciate all your efforts and we are very pleased with what you were able to do for Tommy!”

-  Carol Ross; Tommy James’ Manager

​"The team at Web 'n Retail has done an amazing job for my Client's Spotify campaigns.  We couldn't be more pleased with escalation and longevity of our stats. Speaking from experience, there's no reason for me to "test" any other Spotify Promoters." 
-  Jeff Brody, CEO - Brody Distribution

​" A true pleasure working with you and your team.   You delivered nearly double the 300K combined playlist followers that we ordered!  Great job! Thanks so much!  More to come!"
-  Tom & the TC Music Crew

“Wow!  Just looking at your report now and taking it in.  Man, do I RESPECT thoroughness like that!  It is an honor and privilege to have found you and do some work, no matter how small I can afford, with you.  It’s great having you and in my corner, Gale.  I’m very grateful!”
-  Stephen Melillo, Composer

"As a tool for developing artists, the results we've seen with Web 'n Retail's Spotify Playlist Placement campaign have significantly increased impressions of our singles, streams, listeners and saves.  The fact that they market each single for a full 12 weeks in a variety of different ways on Spotify helps give my budget and my campaigns long legs.”  
-  Jim Martone, Suitable Group

"I've been working with the fab team at Web 'n Retail for about 6 months now on different singles. They have been able to provide an assortment of different services I need, all with excellent results.  Most recently I tried their primary Spotify campaign and once that ended, became their willing "guinea pig" for a new Spotify option they were testing (placement on Collaborative playlists).  As a result I've had 6 months of continually impressive Spotify results at really reasonable rates. After working with many other firms in the past, I'm so grateful to have a firm I can truly count on for results."
-  Eileen Carey, Recording Artist

​“ uses an old school approach using new school technology and language. Web n’ Retail offers a number of must have services for any artist, Indie or label. The company has grit, and gets results.” 
– Joey Alkes/Vast Image Management

“What an amazing resource for an independent artist! Our song was added to countless Spotify playlists. Now we are going for a video campaign."
-  McMains, Recording Artist  

“I want to start off by thanking you for your awesome work with Joe Fox and the Frantics.  I want to introduce you to a couple more artists I work with, after how happy I have been with previous projects you have taken on.”
-  Aaron Edwards, Producer | Songwriter

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