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 Campaign Option #1 

12 Week Campaign Includes Playlist Placements



"As a tool for developing artists, the results we've seen with Web 'n Retail's Spotify Playlist Placement campaign have significantly increased impressions of our singles, streams, listeners and saves.  The fact that they market each  single for a full 12 weeks in a variety of different ways on Spotify helps give my budget and my campaigns long legs.”      

                                                                                                  -  Jim Martone/The Suitable Group


100% Real Streams

100% Real Followers

100% Real Playlists

100% Transparent Reporting


Web ‘n Retail will present your music to Spotify and Independent Playlist Curators on Spotify; as well as to Independent Collaborative Playlists.  Much like traditional radio promotion, we target the curators of playlists that are likely to add your track and have a well defined listening base. Placement on the playlists is just the beginning. You select a package that guarantees 100K, 200K, 300K, 500K or 1 Million Total Playlist Followers.   So as not to leave it to chance that your track will "blow up" after your initial placements, we provide a comprehensive 6 week "Post- Supplement" to continue working your track and ensuring its growth, after the initial playlist placement period in the first 6 weeks. Our Post-Placement  Supplement has proven to further increase listeners as much as 14,616% and streams increase as high as an additional 10,169%. 


-  Initial Approval of Track(s) Within 2 Weeks

-  All Campaigns Run 12 Weeks

-  Guaranteed to Meet Campaign Parameters (Number of Followers Across Multiple Playlists) or Get Pro-Rated Refund *

Our Campaigns Include:

100% Organic and Legit Service

Tracks Guaranteed To Stay On (the BIG) Playlists for Minimum of 2 Month s

Optimal Positioning on (Smaller) Playlists

Placement Activity Outlives Campaigns

Detailed Monthly Reports + Weekly Updates on New Adds

Post-Placement Marketing*

(eblasts to curators, Manual and Collaborative Submissions & Social Media Posts)

12 Weeks of Servicing for All Levels*

Split Payment Plan

6 Different Campaign Services Including:

-  Initial Placements on Playlists Whose Followers Total the Number of Followers You Ordered

-  Playlists keep track active for approximately a minimum of 8 weeks, but many stay active much longer or indefinitely

-  FYC eBlasts Sent 2x to 50+ Spotify Curators and 100-200 Indie Curators

-  36 Additional Placements on Collaborative Playlists 

-  36 Manual Submissions to Indie Curated Playlists

- Placements For Social Media Outreach To Web 'n Retail's 10,000 Followers-Fans-Etc. 

Reports for Clients

-   Weekly Playlist Adds Reports

-   Monthly Detailed Written Reports With Stat Comparisons & Analysis

This campaign does NOT guarantee a specific number of streams nor followers.  We DO GUARANTEE to secure placements on playlists that total the number of followers that your individual campaign level states (all combined) .  IF WE DO NOT MEET THAT NUMBER, you will be refunded the pro-rated amount for the “missing” followers no later than 120 days from the official start date of the campaign.  For example:  You retain us to get your track on playlists totaling 500,000 followers.   Should we fall short (which by the way, has happened only once) and only get it on playlists totaling 400,000 followers you will be entitled to a refund for the 100,000 followers we did not deliver.  To calculate the refund – divide the total dollar amount of the campaign, by the number of followers you paid for.  So, if you paid (for example) $2,920 for 500,000 followers, your cost per follower is $0.00584 each.  You would be refunded $0.00584 x (the missing) 100,000 followers; a total of $584.00.

TO PURCHASE VIA CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL:  Click  below on "BUY NOW" and insert the service level (# of combined followers) you are buying + the price.  Once your payment is received you will receive an email (sent to your paypal email address) with further instructions.

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Get No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more

To purchase with all other types of payment methods, click here

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